This year, as we have explained in the class, we have the possibilty of doing the Trinity exam ISE 1 (B1) at our higschool. Those who are interested on it have to contact their English teacher as soon as possible.

Moving on theatre

As we have done during the last years, this course we will also enjoy an English theatre in Baza.
We are going to attend the theatre performance "3D Evolution" on May 20th 2013

Exchange with Poland

We did a wonderful exchange with Poland last course, where our students spent a good time and they improved their English a lot.
First, we received our Polish friends and we show them different places such as Baza, Guadix, Granada and Malaga.
Then, we travelled to Poland, where we visited different cities and some of the most important cities there and we were in contact with Polish culture.


As part of the student exchange program at Alcrebite Secondary School, we are expecting a cohort of French students to arrive today in Baza. They will be experiencing the Spanish culture, while a group of our Spanish students will be travelling to France to experience their way of life and learning. These students will be away for four days and have the unique opportunity to live with a host family and enjoy the amenities each country has to offer. Welcome French students!!!

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