Final Tasks

This page demonstrates the kinds of final projects our students complete at the end of each term. The goal of Alcrebite Secondary School is to assign final tasks that engage students in a way that is unique and entertaining. Students are responsible for completing several final tasks throughout the year that require them to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in Maths, Physical Education, English, French, and Spanish language. Final tasks are meant to allow students to put their knowledge to use in a way that is fun and exciting. Below you will find video clips and photos of such final tasks which consists of games, teamwork, and academic skills.

To read an explanation of the specific final tasks, click the following link.

Final Task First Term 1º ESO
Gymkhana (course 12/13)

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Other years' PHOTOS PHOTOS

Final Task Second Term 1st ESO
Food Pyramid
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Other years' PHOTOS

Final Task Third Term 1st ESO
Building Castles