Do you know the different English sounds? Practice here:

phonetics chart.jpg chart.jpg

Do you know the 12 English vowels? Practice here:

Which are the similarities and differences between Spanish and English sounds?

Ship or sheep? How do you pronounce them?
Practice minimal pairs


  1. Create a [[#|web]] including the main element you want to talk about
  2. Be calm. presentations.jpg
  3. Make good eye contact with audience.
  4. Have a well-moderated tone so it's easy to hear you.
  5. Pay attention to the pronunciation and rhythm.
  6. Try not to read from the screen or paper (at least not all the time).
  7. When doing a group presentation, it is important that everybody speaks in turns and in coordination.
  8. Include new words. Use synonyms and antonyms
  9. Pay attention to grammar mistakes.
  10. Be fluent

A good presentation should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. It should also have a strong beginning and for questions at the end.

The Introduction
The purpose of the introduction is not only to introduce your topic, but also to interest your audience in the topic.
  1. You can do this by asking a question, offering an interesting fact, using a quotation or telling a short story.

  1. You could offer a brief outline of what you will be discussing. You may also want to include why you choose this topic to present on.

The Body
The body of your presentation should support your introduction by offering facts, opinions, and reasons to support and illustrate your topic.

The Conclusion
Think of it as a brief summary which emphasizes what you want the audience to remember. You can finish with a recommendation, a personal thought, an observation, or a question.

Written Text on Slides
  • Be careful with spelling mistakes
  • Check for grammar mistakes. ([[#|word]] order, subject verb agreement, correct prepositions, etc.).