English Activities

Alcrebite Secondary School creates many activities that all the students participate in. Some of them include the Who´s Who contest where students are given clues about a famous person and they must guess who it is. The winner receives an English book and snack. Students also learn about the different holidays like Halloween, Guy Fawks Day, Saint Valentine´s and Saint Patrick´s Day. They make art relevant to each holiday that decorates the corridors of the school. Students also participate in a theatre show that demonstrates their creativity and English skills.


Our students have participated this week in the costume and handicrafts' competitions to celebrate Halloween.

They have created such good products like these:
2013-10-30 11.09.45.jpg
2013-10-30 11.13.59.jpg
2013-10-30 11.12.52.jpg
2013-10-30 11.09.33.jpg
DSC00200.JPG DSC00201.JPG
2013-10-30 11.10.01.jpg

2013-10-30 11.27.54.jpgDSC00197.JPG


2013-10-30 11.08.00.jpgDSC00215.JPGDSC00204.JPG

Christmas Cards
We are taking part in the eTwinnin project "From Christmas to Easter" .The first task is related with Christmas in each country, so our students have created some postcards to send their friends.

These are some of the cards:

1356007610856.jpg 1356007154344.jpg 1356007641686.jpg

1356007677056.jpg 1356007740668.jpg 1356008295015.jpg



Theatre Show
EDU.com.4_015.jpg Underground_theater_012.jpg
Moving on Theatre, school year 2009/2010 Moving on Theatre, school year 2010/2011

english_theater_009.jpgenglish_theater_001.jpg You can click on the link below to view some photos of the 1ºB THEATRE ( 2009/2010 shool year)ENGLISH THEATRE PHOTOS